It’s all about mobile moments, today.

And the only thing your smartphone needs, is a smarter app.


The speed at which life’s moving, Fonetastic ensures that at least your smartphone doesn’t slow you down. It optimizes phone speed, storage, enhances battery life, and makes your phone keep up with you.


Fonetastic keeps everything you love on your phone, as private as you’d like it to be. From important apps to private data, Fonetastic protects what’s dear to you from prying eyes.


Your smartphone could be susceptible to smarter viruses. That’s exactly why Fonetastic is built with features that detect and remove malware, vulnerabilities, viruses, adware, and secure your phone from fake apps.


Rating based on 508 reviews


Perfect threat killer

Aravinda Babu

May 6, 2016

“Fantastic all in one place.Fonetastic...”

Raj Chaudhari

Apr 25, 2016

“Nice work. Loved this app. It's really...

Kanchan Shashtri

Aug 22, 2015

Nice app Anti virus, optimization and...

Jeyapriya Duraisamy

Aug 6, 2015

“Colorful, funky and a cool app Great...

Omkar Sheral

Aug 6, 2015

“Hey! nice app. good features :)”

Praveen Tripathi

Aug 6, 2015

“Another Bang on application by...

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